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A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Possible Dream Foundation is a family of more than 40 loving special needs individuals, led by Camille and Michael Geraldi, who have exceeded expectations by leaps and bounds. The Geraldis take in the medically challenged, no matter how severe, and help give them a skill and purpose. As certified dog trainers, they teach canines to assist in drug and bomb detection, border patrol, police work and search and rescue missions, as well as medical service for the disabled.


The Possible Dream Foundation strives to improve the quality of life of children and adults with Down syndrome and other disabilities by providing a loving home, a caring family and an understanding environment where individuals can reach their full potential.


The Possible Dream Foundation was established in 1986 as the Up With Down Syndrome Foundation. The name was changed to more accurately reflect the Foundation’s breadth in special needs individuals.


Camille Geraldi
A New York native, Camille discovered her passion at age 15 while volunteering with special needs individuals at the Marian Center in Miami. As an obese teenager, she felt she could relate to the ridicule and rejection suffered by these individuals and spent all of her free time with them. While working as a licensed nurse, she met her husband Michael, and together they started the Possible Dream Foundation (then called the Up With Down Syndrome Foundation). In addition to running the Foundation and caring for her 40+ children, Camille travels around the world, training both renowned medical specialists and affected families in the areas of nursing, rehabilitation and special education.

Dr. Michael Geraldi
A pediatrician from Long Island, N.Y., Michael studied at New York University and Columbia University before discovering Camille reading to critically ill, abandoned children night after night at Miami Children’s Hospital. He fell in love with her passion and dedication and when they married, her dream to provide a loving, nurturing home for the severely disabled became his. In addition to caring for all of his own children—those of the Possible Dream Foundation—Michael works full-time and provides pro bono medical services for any mentally, physically or developmentally challenged child who needs it. He also serves as the pro bono physician for the Warriors baseball team and the Children’s Home Society, and is a mentor and preceptor for the Dade County Academic Incentive Program.






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